Here’s what to discuss with your Realtor after reaching out about selling.

As a Realtor, I know how to position your home in the current market to sell quickly, for top dollar, and with less stress for you. In my last #SellingBOLD video, I said, “The first step is contacting a Realtor, not cleaning out your junk drawer.”

How does that conversation usually go? I start by asking these questions:

  • Have you been watching homes sell in your neighborhood or the surrounding area? 
  • How much have they been selling for?

This lets me know how you are looking to have your home positioned based on price. This is not always the easiest conversation to have, but it is extremely important.

The old saying “You don’t want to be the most expensive house in your neighborhood” still rings true today.

On the other hand, we don’t want to leave money on the table that could have gone to you. Ultimately, this is a balance of trusting my experience with the market and your knowledge of the house.

I then ask questions like, “What’s your time frame to sell?” Or “How soon do you want to have the house on the market?” This is going to be a key component to deciding what steps we take next.

“We are all working toward the same goal of selling the house.”

If you tell me you would like to be on the market tomorrow, we have some work to do, and you and I need to clear our schedules and meet right away :-)

If you tell me that you want to sell six to eight months from now, I think it’s great that you are getting a head start. That gives us time to meet, discuss some spruce-up or repair projects, and even address timing the market correctly.

Keep in mind the housing market is a daily changing snapshot in time. So, as good as any Realtor may think they are, they can not predict the future.

In these cases, I set up monthly appointments for us to meet, talk, and prepare as we pin down a date. I can give you reliable and solid information within a four-to-six-week window about positioning the house correctly within our market.

Ultimately, we are all working toward the same goal of selling the house.

If you have any real estate-related questions, feel free to reach out, and I will be happy to help. You can comment below, call, email, or text me.