Here’s why it’s so important to talk to a Realtor before you buy.

Hi, I’m Brian Kays with BOLD Team Realtors at Coldwell Banker NHS Real Estate. Welcome to another episode of #BuyingBOLD, a series that will walk you through the best steps and tips for buying a home.

So, you’ve decided between your wants and needs, and now it’s time for the fun to begin. I mentioned before that a key to success is being able to clearly discuss your plans with the professionals that will help you along the way. Now is the time to open up those communication lines with your trusted partners. I may be biased, but I will recommend contacting a Realtor first.

You can have an open and honest conversation with a professional that has the most up-to-the-minute information about your market. There are several online sources that are easy to use and say they have “accurate” information. They can be helpful… to a point.

The truth is those sources do NOT have access to the amount of information a local Realtor and the MLS system do. A great Realtor is constantly monitoring the housing market, submitting offers, talking to colleagues, reviewing our MLS data, and making sure they have all the information you would need to make an educated decision about buying your new home.

“Online sources are helpful… up to a point.”

If contacting a Realtor is step 1A, then step 1B is talking to a trusted mortgage lender. I can promise you that your Realtor is going to ask, “Have you been prequalified for a mortgage and discussed your budget with a lender yet?”

Don’t worry if you end up talking to one before the other. Honestly, if you choose to talk to a mortgage lender first, you are on your way to success; just make sure to call your Realtor right after.

If you have any real estate-related questions, feel free to reach out, and I will be happy to help.

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